YouTube – DMCA Abuse & False Flagging Protection

DMCA Abuse & False Flagging Protection


In this video I offer a possible solution to the rampant false flagging of YouTube videos and false DMCA claims made against YouTube users based simply upon the fact that the person making the claims, or flagging the videos simply doesn’t like what’s being said.

It’s obvious that YouTube and Google don’t plan on doing anything to fix the situation, so it’s time for users of YouTube to begin taking care of themselves. It’s time that we take a proactive stance and do something to protect ourselves because it’s becoming obvious that YouTube isn’t really interested in free speech as much as it is in protecting its own interests.

My solution involves using Peer-To-Peer technology as a backup system in case videos get taken down. It may even be a viable option to leave YouTube altogether and migrate to a purely P2P system where our video content cannot be falsely flagged or taken down due to a few individuals who have nothing better to do than flag videos or file false DMCA claims against them because they don’t like what’s being said.

So, if you’re interested in this solution and think this option is viable, spread this blog post and video around. If we can get enough people on board, maybe it will show the people at Google and YouTube that not standing for free speech is going to cost them in the long run.

Finally, visit my YouTube channel and subscribe! And, if you’re on board with this new solution, here’s the link to my P2P channel. Just add the link to your favorite torrent client as an RSS feed and you’ll automatically download any new videos I post even if you don’t use YouTube.


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