American Grass Spiders Eating Ants

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Back in the summer of 2020, I shot some video of a couple American grass spiders eating ants. Pretty interesting stuff. I also made some background music to go along with it.

Check it out. I posted it over on my Odysee/LBRY channel… as well as a few other video hosting platforms, which can be found on my Contact page.

Logitech C920 Won’t Display In 1080p [Fixed]

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For a while, I’d been experiencing issues with getting my Logitech C920 webcam to display in 1080p. It would work fine in 720p, but when I attempted to switch to 1080p, the screen would go black.

In this video, I explain what I did to resolve the issue. Ultimately, it was a problem with the USB hub I was using to connect the webcam to my computer.

Hopefully this video will help you solve the problem if you’re experiencing the same issue.

My Thoughts on LBRY as a Platform for Writers

I’m a big fan of the LBRY platform. I upload semi-frequently, and I’ve found it to be the most viable competitor to YouTube thus far. I also use BitChute, Brighteon, and BitTube. But, most of my media consumption takes place on LBRY these days, and it’s where I’ve been investing most of my time with content creation.

Their mobile app is great, and one of the great features of it is that you can listen to audio or play videos in the background or with your screen off… something YouTube has been denying its users since the very beginning.

One of the great things about LBRY is that you can share any kind of content. Not just video, but also audio, photos, or any other kind of files. With that being said, I was really excited to try out using LBRY as a platform for my writing, as well. It took a little bit to get used to putting my writing into Markdown format. But, the language has some pretty powerful capabilities for enhancing writing, and it seemed like LBRY would also be the place where I would take all of my writing.

Unfortunately, there’s a downside. As opposed to a platform like WordPress, LBRY requires you to share content in the form of files. And, because LBRY is decentralized, and content is stored on the blockchain, this means that the actual content of any file you upload is not searchable.

Take this blog post, for example. The content of this post is searchable and can be found using a search engine that can actually scan the contents of the page where it is found. Contrast this with LBRY, where content is stored on the blockchain, and files are not stored in one specific location. Because of this, the only parts of the content that are actually searchable are the title, description, and other metadata such as tags.

So, when you upload a piece of writing to LBRY, you start by selecting the file that contains your piece of writing. Then, you’re asked to give your file a title. Then you give it a description (up to 2,000 characters). Then, you choose a thumbnail, add tags, choose which channel you wish to publish under, choose a friendly URL, choose how much LBC you want to deposit with your claim, etc. Then you publish your piece.

From there, your content is available on the LBRY platform. But, if someone wants to find the content found in your writing, unless it is found in the title or description, it can’t be found through search. So, if you have a long piece of writing, and someone is searching for something specific found in that piece, it’s likely they won’t find it unless you’ve specifically included it in the description of your publish.

I’m sincerely hopeful that there will be a way to overcome this small hurdle with respect to search and writing on the LBRY platform. I’ll also include a link to my LBRY video on this subject. Thanks for stopping by! Don’t forget to visit my LBRY channel!

Video: My Thoughts on LBRY as a Platform for Writers